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What is a site migration?

What is a site migration? Well, at 822Known it's free! But beyond that, what do developers mean they are going to migrate your site. A site migration is a term broadly used by Web designers, developers, and SEO professionals to describe any event a website may undergo any substantial change like moving from one hosting platform to another. It could also describe a scenario where the websites search engine visibility is effected. This typically describes changes to the site’s location, platform, structure, content, design, or UX.

If a site migration is not done correctly, the effect could be devastating for a business. The website would take part in a significant traffic and revenue loss, which can last from a few weeks to several months — depending on the extent search engine ranking signals have been affected, as well as how long it may take the affected business to roll out a successful recovery plan.

This, however, is not an issue when you are working with 822Known. Our staff is stacked with professionals who are prepared to move your website from your previous host to your brand new host with us. We go over every minuscule detail to prevent harm and ensure a safe transfer of information and backlinks. The best part about working with 822Known is that your site migration is free when you move to our hosting! How can you beat that? Ready to come over to 822Known? Click on the Get Started Button Below. Welcome aboard!

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